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Tic tac toe game implementation for blind people
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Extra Soundsets

LEAP - Tic-Tac-Toe

Listen, lEArn, Play.

Breaking the accessibility barriers for blind children

Hundreds of electronic games for children are existing nowadays and almost all require that users have good eyesight. But blind children are still children! They have right to happiness and to a quality life. Also, they seek for acceptance of their individuality and recognition of their increased needs for accessibility and autonomy.

LEAP Tic-Tac-Toe is a pc version of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe game, especially modified for visually impaired people. It can be played solely with the use of audio. Note that the usage of headphones is mandatory. It is a We are all citizens project, funded by EEA grants and Bodossaki Foundation.

Current stable version

Current version is 1.1

Extra Soundsets

You can add your own soundsets and allow people from all over the world to enjoy this game in their own language! Under the folder "Extra Soundsets" you will find the source code for a soundset manager created specifically to help you create soundsets for the leap tic-tac-toe game. Under the "compiled" folder you can also find compiled versions of the soundset manager for your convenience.

Extra Soundsets Folder Structure

When creating a new build, if you want to support the usage of external soundsets, create a folder next to the games Data folder. The folder should have the same name but with the suffix Soundsets instead of the suffix Data (e.g. if building the project "tic-tac-toe_lin" create the folder "tic-tac-toe_lin_Soundsets" next to the folder "tic-tac-toe_lin_Data"). Directly under this folder add the compiled version of the soundset manager, the README.txt and sound_settings_TicTacToe.xml files from the src folder, and any soundset folders you want to include.


Is built with the free version of the UNITY3D engine and, apart from it, there are no other dependencies.

Executable files

The executable files for Linux, MAC OS and Windows can be found at


The project is licensed under Apache license (v2.0).

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