UI for JedAI Toolkit
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UI for JedAI, an open source, high scalability toolkit that offers out-of-the-box solutions for any data integration task, e.g., Record Linkage, Entity Resolution and Link Discovery.


In order to run the .jar file, you need Oracle's Java 8 (due to JavaFX). Other dependencies are managed using Maven.

How to run

This should be used as a submodule of the main JedaiToolkit project. From the CLI navigate into project's directory, then build it with:

$ mvn clean package

You'll find the executable in {this_project_dir}/target/jedai-ui-{version}-SNAPSHOT.jar. Then run it with:

$ java -jar target/jedai-ui-{version}-SNAPSHOT.jar

If on Linux, make sure the .jar file has permissions to be executed (e.g. with chmod +x jedai-ui.jar) and that you are running Java 8 by Oracle, not OpenJDK which comes pre-installed in many distributions.