The DeepNote bot uses a photodiode array and a parallax propeller chip to monitor the guitar hero videogame and play it in real time with 99% accuracy.
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block diagram
Parts List.pdf


DeepNote Guitar Hero Bot
The project was Developed by Jeremy E. Blum, Zach Lynn, Alex Miller, Brandon Fisher, and Ben Schaffer
More info is available at &

This is Open Source Hardware and Software Licensed via a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License

Block Diagram:  This outlines the architecture of the system, and explains how the various "cogs" on the propeller were leveraged to permit for parallel processing operations

PCBs: .pcb files for use with PCB Artist, and the corresponding PDF Files

schematics: Spice Schematic files of the controller circuit and photodiode circuits

Parts List.pdf:  A listing of all the parts used

GUITAR_APPLICATION - v8.spin:  The most comprehensive iteration of our software for controlling the machine.  It is written in SPIN (the propeller interpretted language) with some limited functions written in assembly.  It is VERY heavily commented, to make it easy to follow.