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Jeremy Blum's Eagle CAD Tutorial Series

These files are meant to accompany Jeremy Blum's Eagle CAD Tutorial Series.
These tutorials were sponsored by element14 ( with support from CadSoft (
You can watch these tutorials on youtube or my website:

YouTube -
Jeremy's Website -

Open Source License

These files are distributed under the GNU GPL Open Source License.
Further information can be found in the LICENSE file.

Learn More about Eagle

If you need help with Eagle or want to learn more, I recommend these resources:

element14 CadSoft Group -
Eagle Guided Tour -
Sparkfun Eagle Tutorials -

Author Info

The Original author of these files is Jeremy Blum.
He can be reached through his website,
NO WARRANTY is provided with these files, since they are released under the GNU GPL.
Follow Jeremy on Twitter:
Subscribe to Jeremy on Youtube:

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