A Web Controlled Robotic Claw. Make it do your bidding!!!
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RoboClaw Web-Controlled Robotic Claw

The project was developed by Jeremy Blum. www.jeremyblum.com
More info is available at http://www.jeremyblum.com/portfolio/web-controlled-roboclaw/

This is Open Source Hardware and Software Licensed via a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/

There are two Versions of the RoboClaw. Version 1 was completed in 2009. Version 2 is currently under development using the Raspberry Pi.

Version 1 (2009) - Propeller Prop Stick + Netburner TCP/IP Ethernet Module + Ethernet Network Webcam

The code is written in Spin for use on the Parallax propeller chip. The chip communicates via serial with an PINK module (http://www.netburner.com/pink/index.html) to connect to the internet. Solid-State Relays interface with the "EDGE" robotic claw to enable hardware control. A Network Webcam stream is fed into the control page.

Version 2 (2013/In development) - Raspberry Pi + USB Webcam

Version 2 is currently in development using a Raspberry Pi Micro Linux Computer. The Raspberry Pi has built in Ethernet connectivity and uses a Python Script to command the GPIO based on instructions from the Web Interface. A USB Webcam provides the live video stream. This is still UNDER DEVELOPMENT, and is not working yet.