The SudoGlove allows you to control hardware and software devices using hand gestures!
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Belt Holster 3D Design
Datasheets and Parts Info
Processing Display/instrument_panel
SudoSynth PD Patch
car sounds


These are all the materials for the SudoGlove Gesture Controller.
The SudoGlove was Developed by Jeremy E. Blum <>
More info on the SudoGlove is available at

Belt Holster 3D Design:
These are the laser cutting vectorized files for the belt holster that holds and arduino mega, transceiver, battery, etc.

This includes the arduino code that runs on the SudoGlove, and the arduino code that runs in the RC Car (proof of concept hardware)

Datasheets and Parts Info:
Some notable info on components used in the system design

Processing Display:
This is the source code for the processing display program that I used to debug the glove functionality

SudoSynth PD Patch:
This is the PUREDATA software patch and accompanying sound clips that allow you to use the sudoglove as a music synthesizer

car sounds:
The RC car that I controlled with the SudoGlove has a SOMO audio module for playing sound effects - These are the sound effects pre-converted to the 4-bit format.

These are the schematics for both the RC car and the SudoGlove Controller