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Scientific libraries in Java

SciJava is a collection of foundational software libraries, upon which ImageJ2 and Fiji are built. It is a collaboration of projects providing software for scientific computing—an effort to cooperate and reuse code.


  1. pom-scijava pom-scijava Public

    Friendly base POM for all SciJava-based software

    Shell 24 33

  2. jgo jgo Public

    Launch Java code from the CLI, installation-free. ☕

    Python 76 17

  3. scijava-common scijava-common Public

    A plugin framework and application container with built-in extensibility mechanism 🔌

    Java 83 51

  4. scyjava scyjava Public

    ⚡ Supercharged Java access from Python ⚡

    Python 46 12

  5. dotfiles dotfiles Public

    Configuration files for SciJava resources

  6. parsington parsington Public

    Simple yet fancy infix-to-postfix parser for mathematical expressions. :bowtie:

    Java 55 15


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