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MediaWiki Maven Info

A spiffy software component metadata analyzer and table generator.

It generates MediaWiki-formatted metadata tables, and uploads them to a MediaWiki instance.

The ImageJ and Fiji projects use this tool to keep their respective lists of dependencies up-to-date and documented online in a human-friendly form.

Example of usage

Run it from the CLI on a given component via:

mvn -Dmwmi.url= \
    -Dmwmi.groupId=net.imagej \
    -Dmwmi.artifactId=imagej \

The mwmi.url is optional; without it, the analyzer performs a dry run, dumping the resultant tables to stdout.

Analyzing multiple projects

Here is an example invocation which layers multiple projects:

mvn -Dinfo.url= \
    -Dmwmi.groupId=org.scijava \
    -Dmwmi.artifactId=scijava-javadoc \
    -Dmwmi.version=1.0.0-SNAPSHOT \ \
    -Dmwmi.groupId2=net.imglib2 \
    -Dmwmi.artifactId2=imglib2-javadoc \
    -Dmwmi.version2=1.0.0-SNAPSHOT \
    -Dmwmi.name2=ImgLib2 \
    -Dmwmi.groupId3=io.scif \
    -Dmwmi.artifactId3=scifio-javadoc \
    -Dmwmi.version3=1.0.0-SNAPSHOT \
    -Dmwmi.name3=SCIFIO \
    -Dmwmi.groupId4=net.imagej \
    -Dmwmi.artifactId4=imagej \
    -Dmwmi.version4=2.0.0-rc-54 \
    -Dmwmi.includeBase4 \
    -Dmwmi.groupId5=sc.fiji \
    -Dmwmi.artifactId5=fiji \
    -Dmwmi.version5=2.0.0-SNAPSHOT \

The above is what the ImageJ and Fiji projects use in order to generate their component sidebars and project tables which appear on the ImageJ wiki.