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Controlling CMake using scikit-build

You can drive CMake directly using scikit-build:

""" Use scikit-build's `cmaker` to control CMake configuration and build.

1. Use `cmaker` to define an object that provides convenient access to
   CMake's configure and build functionality.

2. Use defined object, `maker`, to call `configure()` to read the
   `CMakeLists.txt` file in the current directory and generate a Makefile,
   Visual Studio solution, or whatever is appropriate for your platform.

3. Call `make()` on the object to execute the build with the
   appropriate build tool and perform installation to the local directory.
from skbuild import cmaker
maker = cmaker.CMaker()



See :obj:`skbuild.cmaker.CMaker` for more details.

Internal API

Internal CMake Modules

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