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iminuit Documentation Status

iminuit is a Python interface to the MINUIT2 C++ package.

It can be used as a general robust function minimization method, but is most commonly used for likelihood fits of models to data, and to get model parameter error estimates from likelihood profile analysis.

In a nutshell

from iminuit import Minuit

def f(x, y, z):
    return (x - 2) ** 2 + (y - 3) ** 2 + (z - 4) ** 2

m = Minuit(f)

m.migrad()  # run optimiser
print(m.values)  # {'x': 2,'y': 3,'z': 4}

m.hesse()   # run covariance estimator
print(m.errors)  # {'x': 1,'y': 1,'z': 1}
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