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ManyLinux1 with modern GCC
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This repository holds the recipe for skhep/manylinuxgcc-* images. These produce manylinux1 wheels with some caveats with a modern GCC.

Example build

This is an example build on a 24 core machine:

docker build -t skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64 . -f Dockerfile --build-arg CORES=48

Here is a 32-bit build:

docker build -t skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686 . -f Dockerfile --build-arg CORES=48 --build-arg ARCH=i686


Make sure you tag accordingly. Also, do not use the default "latest" tag if you are not building the latest GCC. Here are the original set of tags (GCC 9.1.0):

docker tag skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686:latest skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686:9
docker tag skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686:latest skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686:9.1
docker tag skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686:latest skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686:9.1.0
docker tag skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64:latest skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64:9.1.0
docker tag skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64:latest skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64:9.1
docker tag skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64:latest skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64:9
docker push skhep/manylinuxgcc-i686
docker push skhep/manylinuxgcc-x86_64
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