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Pythonic mix-ins for ROOT classes.

This package is typically used as a dependency for uproot, to define methods on the classes that are automatically generated from ROOT files. This includes histograms (TH*) and physics objects like TLorentzVectors. The reason it's a separate library is so that we can add physics-specific functionality on a shorter timescale than we can update uproot itself, which is purely an I/O package.

Occasionally, this library is used without uproot, as a way to make arrays of TLorentzVectors.


Install uproot-methods like any other Python package:

pip install uproot-methods                # maybe with sudo or --user, or in virtualenv

or install with conda:

conda config --add channels conda-forge   # if you haven't added conda-forge already
conda install uproot-methods

Both installers automatically install the dependencies.


Reference documentation



Support for this work was provided by NSF cooperative agreement OAC-1836650 (IRIS-HEP), grant OAC-1450377 (DIANA/HEP) and PHY-1520942 (US-CMS LHC Ops).

Thanks especially to the gracious help of uproot-methods contributors!

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