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Build Requirements
* `Python >= 2.5 <>`__
* `Numpy >= 1.6 <>`__
* `Cython >= 0.15 <>`__
`Matplotlib >= 1.0 <>`__ is needed to generate the
examples in the documentation.
Runtime requirements
* `SciPy >= 0.10 <>`__
Known build errors
On Windows, the error ``Error:unable to find vcvarsall.bat`` means that
distutils is not correctly configured to use the C compiler. Modify (or create,
if not existing) the configuration file ``distutils.cfg`` (located for
example at ``C:\Python26\Lib\distutils\distutils.cfg``) to contain::
Usage Requirements
* `Scipy <>`__
Optional Requirements
You can use this scikit with the basic requirements listed above, but some
functionality is only available with the following installed:
`PyQt4 <>`__
The ``qt`` plugin that provides ``imshow(x, fancy=True)`` and `skivi`.
`FreeImage <>`__
The ``freeimage`` plugin provides support for reading various types of
image file formats, including multi-page TIFFs.
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