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# is a Continuous Integration service to build and run tests under
# Windows
- PYTHON: C:\Python35-x64
- PYTHON: C:\Python36
- PYTHON: C:\Python36-x64
- PYTHON: C:\Python37
- PYTHON: C:\Python37-x64
fast_finish: true
- ECHO "Filesystem root:"
- ps: "ls \"C:/\""
# If there is a newer build queued for the same PR, cancel this one.
# The AppVeyor 'rollout builds' option is supposed to serve the same
# purpose but is problematic because it tends to cancel builds pushed
# directly to master instead of just PR builds.
# credits: JuliaLang developers.
- ps: if ($env:APPVEYOR_PULL_REQUEST_NUMBER -and $env:APPVEYOR_BUILD_NUMBER -ne ((Invoke-RestMethod `$env:APPVEYOR_ACCOUNT_NAME/$env:APPVEYOR_PROJECT_SLUG/history?recordsNumber=50).builds | `
Where-Object pullRequestId -eq $env:APPVEYOR_PULL_REQUEST_NUMBER)[0].buildNumber) { `
throw "There are newer queued builds for this pull request, failing early." }
- "python -m pip install --retries 3 -U pip"
# Check that we have the expected version and architecture for Python
- "python --version"
- "python -c \"import struct; print(struct.calcsize('P') * 8)\""
- "pip --version"
# Get stdint headers needed by tifffile.c.
- "curl -o skimage/external/tifffile/inttypes.h"
- "curl -o skimage/external/tifffile/stdint.h"
# Install the build and runtime dependencies of the project.
# The --pre flag is necessary to grab a SciPy wheel, which is in
# pre-release at the time of writing (03-10-2017)
- pip install --retries 3 --pre -r requirements.txt
- pip install --retries 3 -r requirements/build.txt
- python bdist_wheel bdist_wininst
- ps: "ls dist"
# Install the generated wheel package to test it
- "pip install --pre --no-index --find-links dist/ scikit-image"
# Not a .NET project, we build scikit-image in the install step instead
build: false
## Build the docs
#- pip install sphinx pytest-runner sphinx-gallery
#- SET PYTHON=%PYTHON%\\python.exe && cd doc && make html
# Change to a non-source folder to make sure we run the tests on the
# installed library.
- "cd C:\\"
# Use the Agg backend in Matplotlib
- echo backend:Agg > matplotlibrc
# Run unit tests with pytest
- pytest -v --pyargs skimage
# # Archive the generated wheel package in the build report.
# - path: dist\*
# - TODO: upload the content of dist/*.whl to a public wheelhouse
# Avoid re-downloading large packages
- '%APPDATA%\pip\Cache'