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How to make a new release of ``skimage``
- Check ``TODO.txt`` for any outstanding tasks.
- Update release notes.
1. Review and cleanup ``doc/release/release_dev.txt``
- To show a list of merges and contributors, run
``doc/release/ <tag of prev release>``.
2. Rename to ``doc/release/release_X.txt``
3. Copy ``doc/release/release_template.txt`` to
``doc/release/release_dev.txt`` for the next release.
- Update the version number in ``skimage/`` and ```` and commit
- Update the docs:
- Edit ``doc/source/_static/docversions.js`` and commit
- Build a clean version of the docs. Run ``python install`` in the
root dir, then ``rm -rf build; make html`` in the docs.
- Run ``make html`` again to copy the newly generated ``random.js`` into
place. Double check ``random.js``, otherwise the front
page gets broken!
- Build using ``make gh-pages``.
- Update the symlink to ``stable``.
- Push upstream: ``git push origin gh-pages`` in ``doc/gh-pages``.
- Add the version number as a tag in git::
git tag -s v0.X.0
(If you do not have a gpg key, use -m instead; it is important for
Debian packaging that the tags are annotated)
- Push the new meta-data to github::
git push --tags origin master
- Publish on PyPi::
python register
python sdist upload
Go to, select the
"Current" tab, and click (on the right) on the "Restart Build" icon. After
the wheels become available at (approx 15
mins), execute ``tools/``. Note that, if you rebuild the
same wheels, it can take up to 15 minutes for the the files in the http
directory to update to the versions that Travis-CI uploaded. You may want to
check the timestamps in the http directory listing to check that you will get
the latest version.
- Increase the version number
- In ````, set to ``0.Xdev``.
- In ````, set to ``0.X.dev0``.
- Update the web frontpage:
The webpage is kept in a separate repo: scikit-image-web
- Sync your branch with the remote repo: ``git pull``.
If you try to ``make gh-pages`` when your branch is out of sync, it
creates headaches.
- Add release date to ``index.rst`` under "Announcements".
- Add previous stable version documentation path to disallowed paths
in `robots.txt`
- Build using ``make gh-pages``.
- Push upstream: ``git push origin master`` in ``gh-pages``.
- Update the development docs for the new version ``0.Xdev`` just like above
- Post release notes on mailing lists, blog, G+, etc.
- Tag the release as per instructions above.
- git checkout debian
- git merge v0.x.x
- uscan <- not sure if this step is necessary
- Update changelog (emacs has a good mode, requires package dpkg-dev-el)
- C-C C-v add new version, C-c C-c timestamp / save
- git commit -m 'Changelog entry for 0.x.x'
- git-buildpackage -uc -us -rfakeroot
- Sign the changes: debsign skimage_0.x.x-x_amd64.changes
- cd ../build-area && dput mentors skimage_0.x.x-x_amd64.changes
- The package should now be available at:
For the last lines above to work, you need ``~/.gbp.conf``::
upstream-tag = %(version)s
sign-tags = True
export-dir = ../build-area/
tarball-dir = ../tarballs/
As well as ``~/``::
fqdn =
incoming = /upload
method = http
allow_unsigned_uploads = 0
progress_indicator = 2
# Allow uploads for UNRELEASED packages
allowed_distributions = .*
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