Add `np.lookfor` as a discoverability tip to the User Guide #2426

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jni commented Jan 2, 2017

scikit-image's package structure is problematic for functions that span categories. For example, watershed segmentation is in morphology, because it is traditionally viewed as a morphological transformation. Conversely, find_boundaries is in segmentation, but some users have looked for it in morphology.

I've advocated for creating a flat scikit-image namespace before (#1608), but that discussion stalled when np.lookfor was mooted as an 80% solution.

However, that is a solution only for those who know about it. So, I propose that we add a section on API discovery to the user guide.

import numpy as np
np.lookfor('boundaries', 'skimage')


import skimage
np.lookfor('boundaries', skimage)

@jni I think that's a nice idea!


@jni I am interested in working on the issue.

jni commented Jan 4, 2017

@souravsingh Go for it! I'm not aware of anyone else working on it atm. Let us know if you need help!

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