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Typing stubs

Updated Apr 14, 2019

Add type annotations to all functions in scikit-image.

Registration and warping

Updated Apr 29, 2019

We want scikit-image to include ndimensional registration. For this to happen we need n-dimensional warps, optimization based on different constraints, and a consistent API across different registration modalities (image matching vs control point matching, different transformation models, etc.)


Updated Mar 20, 2019

Issues and PRs related to Inpainting / Image Completion algorithms.


Updated May 29, 2019

Issues and PRs related to Thresholding / Binarization methods.

Hough Transform

Updated Jun 30, 2017

Issues and PRs related to Hough Transform.

HOG descriptor

Updated Nov 4, 2017

Issues and PRs related to Histogram of Oriented Gradients descriptor.

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