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scikit-learn-contrib is a github organization for gathering high-quality scikit-learn compatible projects. Each project's team is responsible for maintaining the project. This includes fixing bugs, reviewing pull requests and making releases.

Why moving my project to scikit-learn-contrib?

  • Visibility: be part of a growing ecosystem of scikit-learn compatible projects
  • Collaboration: volunteers from around the world can join you in improving the project
  • Quality: benefit from scikit-learn's experience in producing high-quality machine learning software
  • Transfer: most popular estimators can eventually be promoted to scikit-learn
  • URL:

scikit-learn vs. scikit-learn-contrib

In scikit-learn, we are pretty selective on the algorithms we include: notoriety (number of citations), general usefulness, no external dependencies. See scikit-learn's FAQ for more details. In contrast, these conditions are not necessary for inclusion in scikit-learn-contrib (although we do have a few technical requirements, see below). scikit-learn-contrib is the ideal choice for cutting-edge algorithms (e.g., the latest ICML or NIPS paper), domain-specific algorithms, library wrappers.

In addition, pull-requests on scikit-learn tend to take from a few weeks to a few months to review. In constrat, if the requirements below are satisfied, projects are expected to be accepted to scikit-learn-contrib within a few days.


  • scikit-learn compatible (check_estimator passed)
  • Available on github
  • Open-source license (BSD preferred but not mandatory)
  • Documentation (guide, API reference, example gallery)
  • Unit tests
  • Python3 compatible
  • PEP8 compliant
  • Continuous integration

To satisfy these requirements, the easiest way is to start your project from project-template, although this is not mandatory.


  1. File a request for inclusion into scikit-learn-contrib.
  2. The project undergoes a simple review by scikit-learn or scikit-learn-contrib members to check that the above requirements are satisfied.
  3. A team is created in the scikit-learn-contrib organization for your project.
  4. Transfer your project to the scikit-learn-contrib organization (transfer retains branches, stars, etc).
  5. Fork the project in your account (this way, the old project URL is still valid).

Project maintenance guidelines

  1. Project name on pypi is sklearn-contrib-project-name (e.g., sklearn-contrib-lightning).
  2. Upload documentation to your gh-pages branch.
  3. When changing the signature of a public function or class, the old signature must be supported for two releases.
  4. The options of all estimators must have sensitible default values.