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Support for Python 3
There is experimental support for python3 in some modules, the status
of these is:
It mostly works (it builds) but there are still failing tests and doctests,
some of which are caused by changes in the way deprecation warnings are
This codebase should work both with Python 3.2+ and 2.6+ without using 2to3.
There is a copy of the `six` helper library in `sklearn.externals.six` to be
used when needed.
If you would like to help with porting to python3, please propose
yourself in the scikit-learn mailing list:
@@ -34,8 +34,12 @@ Important links
The required dependencies to build the software are Python >= 2.6,
setuptools, Numpy >= 1.3, SciPy >= 0.7 and a working C/C++ compiler.
scikit-learn is tested to work under Python 2.6+ and Python 3.3+
(using the same codebase thanks to an embedded copy of [six](
The required dependencies to build the software Numpy >= 1.3, SciPy >= 0.7
and a working C/C++ compiler.
For running the examples Matplotlib >= 0.99.1 is required and for running the
tests you need nose >= 0.10.
@@ -122,6 +122,10 @@ Changelog
faster on sparse data (the speedup depends on the sparsity). By
`Lars Buitinck`_.
- Python 3 support fixes by `Justin Vincent`_, `Lars Buitinck`_ and
`Olivier Grisel`_. All tests now pass under Python 3.3.
API changes summary
@@ -1985,3 +1989,5 @@ David Huard, Dave Morrill, Ed Schofield, Travis Oliphant, Pearu Peterson.
.. _Norbert Crombach:
.. _Eustache Diemert:
.. _Justin Vincent:

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