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DOC: Added changes in ShuffleSplit and sklearn.neighbors

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12 doc/whats_new.rst
@@ -82,6 +82,9 @@ Changelog
``shrink_threshold`` parameter, which implements shrunken centroid
classification, by `Robert Layton`_.
+ - Classes in :ref:`neighbors` now support arbitrary Minkowski metric for
+ nearest neighbors searches. The metric can be specified by argument ``p``.
API changes summary
@@ -159,6 +162,15 @@ API changes summary
- The SVMlight format loader now supports files with both zero-based and
one-based column indices, since both occur "in the wild".
+ - Options in class :class:`ShuffleSplit` are now consistent with
+ :class:`StratifiedShuffleSplit`. Options ``test_fraction`` and
+ ``train_fraction`` are deprecated and renamed to ``test_size`` and
+ ``train_size`` and can accept both ``float`` and ``int``.
+ - Argument ``p`` added to classes in :ref:`neighbors` to specify an
+ arbitrary Minkowski metric for nearest neighbors searches.
.. _changes_0_10:
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