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Commits on Oct 9, 2015
  1. @amueller

    Merge pull request #5349 from jakevdp/naive-bayes-scale

    amueller authored
    [MRG+1] Naive bayes scale (Fixes #5314)
Commits on Oct 8, 2015
  1. @jnothman

    Merge pull request #5369 from joshloyal/fix_hashing_docstring

    jnothman authored
    correct optional arguments for FeatureHasher
  2. @MechCoder

    Fix warnings during tests

    Vighnesh Birodkar authored MechCoder committed
  3. correct optional arguments for FeatureHasher

    Joshua Loyal authored
  4. @agramfort

    Merge pull request #5365 from Naereen/patch-2

    agramfort authored
    Fix few typos on links and doi
  5. @Naereen

    Fix few typos on links and doi

    Naereen authored
    - Add https for Wikipedia pages,
    - Add link for doi entries.
  6. @ogrisel

    Merge pull request #5356 from rvraghav93/ridge_appveyor_failure

    ogrisel authored
    [MRG] FIX Use float64 instead of float.
  7. @agramfort

    Merge pull request #5363 from Naereen/patch-1

    agramfort authored
    Missing link for inertia in doc/modules/clustering.rst (about K-Means)
  8. @jakevdp

    fix merge conflict

    jakevdp authored
  9. @jnothman

    Merge pull request #5237 from gclenaghan/remove_thresholds

    jnothman authored
    [MRG+2] In roc_curve: drop some suboptimal thresholds
Commits on Oct 7, 2015
  1. @gclenaghan
  2. @MechCoder

    Merge pull request #4707 from amueller/k_means_init_mismatch

    MechCoder authored
    [MGR] Raise error when init shape doesn't match n_clusters in KMeans
  3. @Naereen

    Missing link for inertia (about K-Means)

    Naereen authored
    Changing `inertia <inertia>` to `inertia <inertia>`_ fixes the display issue, but the link still does not exist...
    Any suggestions?
  4. @rvraghav93
  5. @arjoly
  6. @jakevdp
  7. @jakevdp
  8. @ogrisel
  9. @ogrisel
  10. @ogrisel
  11. @ogrisel
  12. @ogrisel
  13. @ogrisel
  14. @ogrisel
  15. @ogrisel
  16. @agramfort

    Merge pull request #5336 from giorgiop/pca-warning

    agramfort authored
    [MRG+1] remove numpy's RuntimeWarning from corner case of
  17. @andylamb @ogrisel

    Added entry to `doc/whats_new.rst`.

    andylamb authored ogrisel committed
  18. @andylamb @ogrisel

    Fix SGD partial_fit multiclass w/ average.

    andylamb authored ogrisel committed
    See #5246 (comment).
    `_fit_multiclass` was setting `self.intercept_` to a single element of the intercept, instead of the entire intercept.
  19. @jakevdp
  20. @jakevdp
  21. @jakevdp
Commits on Oct 6, 2015
  1. @jakevdp

    Merge pull request #5231 from vighneshbirodkar/kmeans_fix

    jakevdp authored
    Make KMeans labels_ attribute match predict() results
  2. @vighneshbirodkar
  3. @vighneshbirodkar
  4. @vighneshbirodkar

    moved condition out of the loop

    Vighnesh Birodkar authored vighneshbirodkar committed
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