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fix ML flowchart cut-off-at-bottom without javascript hack #2328

jaquesgrobler opened this Issue · 4 comments

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After the website's facelift, the Machine Learning Cheat sheet got cut off at the bottom due to some jQuery script interfering. Its been fixed temporarily for the sake of the online-website using a quick javascript fix, but should ideally be done in css without resorting to a script.

Will look into it at a later point if nobody else jumps on it


Keeping open as #2337 is a temporary hack fix.

The problem should rather be handled without JS hacks. For now, the page will render correctly on the website, thought it's not the ideal way to fix this


Renaming issue-title

@amueller amueller modified the milestone: 0.15.1, 0.15

This is related to the zooming. Easy fix: don't zoom. We just need to replace all coordinates ^^

@amueller amueller removed the Bug label
@amueller amueller removed this from the 0.16 milestone

Untagging as I feel it is not critical

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