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test_spectral_clustering_sparse fail on OS X 10.8.2 #2472

chyikwei opened this Issue · 12 comments

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I got this error on sklearn.cluster.tests.test_spectral.test_spectral_clustering_sparse
Any one knows what might be wrong?

OS: Max OS X 10.8.2
numpy: 1.7.1
scipy: 0.11.0

FAIL: sklearn.cluster.tests.test_spectral.test_spectral_clustering_sparse
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/chyikwei/getglue-python-webservice/virtual/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nose/", line 197, in runTest
  File "/Users/chyikwei/scikit-learn/sklearn/cluster/tests/", line 155, in test_spectral_clustering_sparse
    assert_greater(np.mean(labels == [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]), .89)
AssertionError: 0.59999999999999998 not greater than 0.89
    """Fail immediately, with the given message."""
>>  raise self.failureException('0.59999999999999998 not greater than 0.89')

I am running a similar setup (except for scipy which is 0.12.0 here) and I cannot reproduce the failure.


I think the issue I met is about "arpack" module.

When I set eigen_solver=None or eigen_solver="arpack" , output from spectral_embedding function looks weird:

[[ -2.32766652e+08 -1.39966513e+00]
[ 3.86210625e+08 -1.54720798e+00]
[ -1.48187517e+08 -9.47395362e-01]
[ -5.64702377e+07 -7.93513447e-01]
[ 1.21781087e+08 -1.27888857e-01]
[ 1.59543207e+08 8.04107066e-01]
[ -2.11367269e+08 9.66087598e-01]
[ -1.47024602e+08 9.62468083e-01]
[ -1.85680793e+06 9.62468083e-01]
[ 1.30138155e+08 1.12053995e+00]]

But when I set eigen_solver="amg" , the output of spectral_embedding looks more reasonable:

[[-3.0003491 -0.76365248]
[-3.31662479 -0.91420026]
[-2.03085492 -0.18276992]
[-1.70099068 0.57040841]
[-0.27414501 3.16227766]
[ 1.72369937 -0.85514476]
[ 2.07092395 1.20605346]
[ 2.06316509 -0.76410269]
[ 2.06316509 -0.76410269]
[ 2.40201099 -0.69476673]]

And the output can be classified correctly by kmeans and pass the test.
Any suggestion how to fix it?


Indeed this is a known bug of OSX that will be fixed in 10.9: See #2431 and scipy/scipy#2547. What is weird is that I don't reproduce the failure myself...


Actually I was mistaken: it has also been fixed in the scipy wrapper itself in the master branch and schedule for release 0.13.


The issue is fixed after I installed scipy ''
But the test still failed at test_connect_regions_with_grid (same as issue #1968)


I could reproduce this issue (with test test_spectral_clustering_sparse) on osx with scipy 0.12.0 but apparently only with python 3, not python 2.7... weird.


I cannot reproduce the test_connect_regions_with_grid failure myself...


Ah ok test_connect_regions_with_grid is only there in scipy master, not in 0.12.0. If you have time to investigate this one your input on #1968 would surely be appreciated.


@ogrisel FYI I can reproduce this with recent Anaconda on Mac OS 1.8 and numpy 1.8 and sicpy 0.12.
Any news on this?


ahhh sorry numpy 1.7.1


@dengemann The test fail is fixed after I re-install scipy 0.12 from its source code.

What I did is

  1. remove scipy
  2. git clone scipy repository
  3. checkout to tag 0.12.0rc1
  4. install

Maybe you can give it a try.

@amueller amueller added this to the 0.15.1 milestone

I cannot reproduce this failure when building scipy against the Accelerate of OSX 10.9.


@ogrisel ogrisel closed this
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