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scikit-rf qtapps
First Relase Jan 6, 2017 - Vince West (

- latest version of scikit-rf
- pyqtgraph (install with pip, NOT CONDA)
- pyside, pyqt4 or pyqt5
- qtpy
- sip


Purpose of this package is to provide a set of modular Qt widgets (pyqt/pyside compatible) for making network analyzer focused application development simple and rapid.  The use of pyqtgraph allows for data visualization with sophisticated user interaction.

As of 2016.01.06 much work remains to be done, but this initial release is to introduce the concept to the scikit-rf user community.

- analyzer measurement system isn't yet functional, working examples forthcoming
- no documentation yet (simple examples soon), for now please see working examples in the code
- when installing pyqtgraph with conda, pyqt5 is downgraded to pyqt4.
  - considering embedding pyqtgraph within the qtapps folder
  - for now install with pip
- time domain representation of networks
- more sophisticated selection of plotted data
- allow connection of ListWidgets to multiple plots
- allow plotting of networks from multiple ListWidgets simultaneously