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Senate letter writing app of Science Informed Leadership
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# Science Informed Leadership App This webapp generates letters to congressmen based upon options that user select. The app then puts out a PDF of pre-addressed letters to senators. The letter content can be generic or customized to each senator. Regardless, all addresses and (if a call script is desired, telephone numbers) are automatically populated. All content can be edited by the user. Uses node.js on the client side to generate the PDF.

All data is pulled from Google Sheets.

This is the open source general version of the webapp at

Instructions and background can be found in the Wiki


Unless otherwise noted, this is all licensed under the GPLv3

We are a bunch of science nerds who organized some resources to ask science-minded citizens to contact their senators to tell them that science is important. We also believe in free (libre and gratis) software. This webapp is open, and absolutely anyone can use it. That said, we do not necessarily endorse, condone, agree with, accept, support, or even particularly like the views of anyone that uses this webapp. Use of this webapp should not be considered implicit or explicit support for any cause by the volunteers of Science Informed Leadership.

As with most free software, it comes with no warranty -- use it at your own risk.

Who made this?

Questions should be directed to

Our website is

This work would have been impossible without the help of Ben Janes. He's also on GitHub. Thanks Ben.

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