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The scrypt key derivation function in Javascript. Heavily based on (repository is gone, see here for my attempt to recover it from npm) but mine is meant to be more lightweight (one file), works in both browser and NodeJS, and can multi-thread in browsers.


Here's a simple example written for nodejs, using one of the test cases from the scrypt paper:

var module = require('./scrypt.js');
var Crypto_scrypt = module.Crypto_scrypt;
var Crypto = module.Crypto;

Crypto_scrypt("password", "NaCl", 1024, 8, 16, 64, function(result) {
		"scrypt of \"password\" with salt \"NaCl\" and "+
		"parameters 1024, 8, 16, 64 = "+

Please also see tests/tests.html for browser tests, and/or tests/tests.js for the tests' entry point for both browser and nodejs (typeof require is used to check if it's nodejs). (The module is structured/named a little weirdly; sorry, I didn't know the conventions very well when I made it.)

Note that the caller receives the result in a callback, since (in the browser at least) the hash is calculated asynchronously.