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Cryoef plugin

This plugin provides a wrapper for cryoEF program.

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You will need to use 3.0+ version of Scipion to be able to run these protocols. To install the plugin, you have two options:

  1. Stable version
scipion installp -p scipion-em-cryoef
  1. Developer's version

    • download repository
    git clone -b devel
    • install
    scipion installp -p /path/to/scipion-em-cryoef --devel

CryoEF binaries will be installed automatically with the plugin, but you can also link an existing installation. Default installation path assumed is software/em/cryoEF-1.1.0, if you want to change it, set CRYOEF_HOME in scipion.conf` file to the folder where the cryoEF is installed. To check the installation, simply run the following Scipion test:

scipion test cryoef.tests.test_protocols_cryoef.TestCryoEF

Supported versions



  • orientation analysis

Detailed manual can be found in software/em/cryoEF-1.1.0/cryoEF_v1.1.0_manual.pdf