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// An example that shows how to create a sub-network / sub-workflow that can be
// used as a component
package main
import sp ""
func main() {
// Main workflow
wfl := sp.NewWorkflow("foobar_wf", 4)
// Sub-workflow
NewFooBarSubWorkflow(wfl, "foobar_subwf")
// Run
// ------------------------------------------------
// FooBarSubWorkflow
// ------------------------------------------------
type FooBarSubWorkflow struct {
name string
Procs map[string]*sp.Process
Out *sp.OutPort
func NewFooBarSubWorkflow(wf *sp.Workflow, name string) *FooBarSubWorkflow {
fbn := &FooBarSubWorkflow{
name: name,
Procs: make(map[string]*sp.Process),
fbn.Procs["foo"] = sp.NewProc(wf, "foo", "echo foo > {o:foo}")
fbn.Procs["foo"].SetOut("foo", "foo.txt")
fbn.Procs["f2b"] = sp.NewProc(wf, "f2b", "sed 's/foo/bar/g' {i:foo} > {o:bar}")
fbn.Procs["f2b"].SetOut("bar", "{i:foo|%.txt}.bar.txt")
// Connect together inner processes
// Connect last port of inner process to subnetwork out-port
fbn.Out = fbn.Procs["f2b"].Out("bar")
return fbn
func (wf *FooBarSubWorkflow) Name() string {
func (wf *FooBarSubWorkflow) Run() {
for _, proc := range wf.Procs {
go proc.Run()
func (wf *FooBarSubWorkflow) Ready() bool {
return wf.Out.Ready()