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Document that we also implement the Groth16 proof system.

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@@ -67,6 +67,13 @@ The libsnark library currently provides a C++ implementation of:
optimizes the approach described in \[BCTV14a], itself an extension of
\[BCGTV13], following the approach of \[GGPR13] and \[BCIOP13]. (An alternative
implementation of this approach is the _Pinocchio_ system of \[PGHR13].)

The library also implements a zk-SNARK for R1CS secure in the generic group model
\[Groth16]. Compared to \[BCTV14a] the \[Groth16] proof system is faster and
achieves shorter proofs, at expense of making stronger security assumptions.

We provide [detailed empirical and asymptotic comparison](
between these choices.
2. A preprocessing SNARK for a language of arithmetic circuits, "BACS"
(_Bilinear Arithmetic Circuit Satisfiability_). This simplifies the writing
of NP statements when the additional flexibility of R1CS is not needed.
@@ -618,6 +625,12 @@ References
George Danezis, Cedric Fournet, Jens Groth, Markulf Kohlweiss,

\[Groth16] [
On the Size of Pairing-based Non-interactive Arguments
Jens Groth,

\[GM17] [
Snarky Signatures: Minimal Signatures of Knowledge from Simulation-Extractable

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