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@@ -37,10 +37,14 @@ This repository contains several Rust crates that implement the different buildi
* [`r1cs-core`](r1cs-core): Rust crate that defines core interfaces for a Rank-1 Constraint System (R1CS)
* [`r1cs-std`](r1cs-std): Rust crate that provides various gadgets used to construct R1CS
* [`gm17`](gm17): Rust crate that implements the zkSNARK of [Groth and Maller][GM17]
* [`groth16`](groth16): Rust crate that implements the zkSNARK of [Groth][Groth16]

In addition, there is a [`bench-utils`](bench-utils) crate which contains infrastructure for benchmarking. This crate includes macros for timing code segments and is used for profiling the building blocks of ZEXE.


## Build guide

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