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Sphinx theme for Scipy.

Theme options

The theme takes the followin options in the html_options configuration variable:

  • edit_link

    True or False. Determines if an "edit this page" link is displayed in the left sidebar.

  • rootlinks

    List of tuples (url, link_name) to show in the beginning of the breadcrumb list on the top left. You can override it by defining an edit_link block in searchbox.html.

  • sidebar

    One of "left", "right", "none". Defines where the sidebar should appear.

  • scipy_org_logo

    True or False. Whether to plaster the scipy.org logo on top.

    You can use your own logo by overriding the :attr:`layout.html:header` block.

  • navigation_links

    True or False. Whether to display "next", "prev", "index", etc. links.

The following blocks are defined:

  • layout.html:header

    Block at the top of the page, for logo etc.

  • searchbox.html:edit_link

    Edit link HTML code to paste in the left sidebar, if edit_link is enabled.