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212dab8 @jarrodmillman updating
jarrodmillman authored
1 # Use .add_data_files and .add_data_dir methods in a appropriate
2 # files to include non-python files such as documentation,
3 # data, etc files to distribution. Avoid using for that.
a959508 @rkern Include sandbox files in so they will be packaged into so…
rkern authored
4 #
212dab8 @jarrodmillman updating
jarrodmillman authored
5 include
aad18ca @pearu Doc updates.
pearu authored
6 include *.txt
212dab8 @jarrodmillman updating
jarrodmillman authored
7 include
8 include
9 include
e13a816 @jarrodmillman few fixes leftover from switch to scipy/ from Lib/
jarrodmillman authored
10 include scipy/*.py
4ec38b1 @rgommers TST: clean up test noise from floating point operations.
rgommers authored
11 # Adding scons build related files not found by distutils
5702482 @cournape Add scons scripts to sdist.
cournape authored
12 recursive-include scipy SConstruct SConscript
759eda9 @scottza BLD: Fix Bento build of source distribution
scottza authored
13 # Add files to allow Bento build
14 include
15 include
16 include bscript
17 recursive-include scipy bscript
755bc60 @pv 3K: add to sdist
pv authored
18 # Add py3tool
19 include tools/
212dab8 @jarrodmillman updating
jarrodmillman authored
20 # Add documentation: we don't use add_data_dir since we do not want to include
21 # this at installation, only for sdist-generated tarballs
22 include doc/Makefile doc/
23 recursive-include doc/release *
24 recursive-include doc/source *
25 recursive-include doc/sphinxext *
d500aa1 @pv special: import test data from Boost and use it to test special funct…
pv authored
26 prune scipy/special/tests/data/boost
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