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Technology Previews for SciPy

Author: Jarrod Millman
Date: 2008-11-03

Executive summary

Technology preview code is new code incorporated into the trunk of SciPy, but may also appear in a future SciPy release at our option. Such code is considered production grade and well-tested, but which also has no guarantees of a stable API to enable further improvements based on community feedback.

In this document, I propose that we create a new top-level subpackage in scipy called preview. The scipy.preview subpackage will mirror scipy. This subpackage will be part of the official releases. Thus all code included in the technology preview will be available to earlier testers and adopters, but clearly marked as under very active development with no guareentee of a stable API.


The scipy.preview subpackage serves to main needs:

  1. A place to include code that breaks current APIs of code in scipy
  2. A place to develop new packages, modules, classess, and functions that have got a stable API yet.

Consider the following scenarios.

For example, the new scipy.spatial subpackage is all new code that is well-tested and fairly high quality. Since we haven't had the time to work out the ideal API and there are many possible use cases that we may not have considered, there is a reluctance to freeze the API at this time. With the new scipy.preview subpackage, we can get more input and reach a wider audience by releasing the current code in the next release.

Another example would be if we decided that there is a function signature that we want to change (e.g., percentileofscore In this case, we could put a deprecation warning in scipy.stats.percentileofscore and place the new function in scipy.preview.stats.percentileofscore.

Requirements for inclusion

Getting code into scipy.preview would require a high barrier for entry. We need to work out the details, but new packages, modules, classes, and functions would need to be started in a branch or in another location. The authors would need to propose their code for inclusion into scipy.preview. We would have to have some general agreement (or consensus) that we want to include this functionality. We would have to agree in general to the name and would require it to follow our style guide and include a reasonable amount of tests.

Requirements for promotion

For code in scipy.preview to be promoted requires ....


  • clear indication to user's what the future of the project holds
  • clear path for getting code into scipy
  • lowers the barriers for API changes
  • clearly distinquishes what is most in flux
  • hopefully increase frequency of releases
  • gets new code out faster

running tests

scipy.test('full') doesn't run technology preview tests. To run them would require scipy.preview.test('full').

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