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# Last Change: Wed Apr 08 11:00 PM 2009 J
# vim:syntax=python
from os.path import join as pjoin
import warnings
from numscons import GetNumpyEnvironment, CheckF77Clib, CheckF77BLAS
env = GetNumpyEnvironment(ARGUMENTS)
# Configuration
config = env.NumpyConfigure(custom_tests = {'CheckF77BLAS' : CheckF77BLAS})
if not config.CheckF77BLAS():
raise Exception("Could not find F77 BLAS, needed for integrate package")
# XXX: lapack integration
# Build linpack_lite
src = [pjoin("linpack_lite", s) for s in [ "dgbfa.f", "dgbsl.f", "dgefa.f",
"dgesl.f", "dgtsl.f", "zgbfa.f", "zgbsl.f", "zgefa.f", "zgesl.f"]]
linpack_lite = env.DistutilsStaticExtLibrary('linpack_lite', source = src)
# Build mach
# XXX: do not use optimization flags for mach
src = [pjoin("mach", s) for s in ["d1mach.f", "i1mach.f", "r1mach.f",
mach = env.DistutilsStaticExtLibrary('mach', source = src)
# Build quadpack
src = [pjoin("quadpack", s) for s in ["dqag.f", "dqage.f", "dqagi.f",
"dqagie.f", "dqagp.f", "dqagpe.f", "dqags.f", "dqagse.f", "dqawc.f",
"dqawce.f", "dqawf.f", "dqawfe.f", "dqawo.f", "dqawoe.f", "dqaws.f",
"dqawse.f", "dqc25c.f", "dqc25f.f", "dqc25s.f", "dqcheb.f", "dqelg.f",
"dqk15.f", "dqk15i.f", "dqk15w.f", "dqk21.f", "dqk31.f", "dqk41.f", "dqk51.f",
"dqk61.f", "dqmomo.f", "dqng.f", "dqpsrt.f", "dqwgtc.f", "dqwgtf.f",
quadpack = env.DistutilsStaticExtLibrary('quadpack', source = src)
src = [pjoin('dop', f) for f in ['dop853.f', 'dopri5.f']]
env.DistutilsStaticExtLibrary('dop', source=src)
# Build odepack
src = [pjoin("odepack", s) for s in [ "adjlr.f", "aigbt.f", "ainvg.f",
"blkdta000.f", "bnorm.f", "cdrv.f", "cfode.f", "cntnzu.f", "ddasrt.f",
"ddassl.f", "decbt.f", "ewset.f", "fnorm.f", "intdy.f", "iprep.f", "jgroup.f",
"lsoda.f", "lsodar.f", "lsode.f", "lsodes.f", "lsodi.f", "lsoibt.f", "md.f",
"mdi.f", "mdm.f", "mdp.f", "mdu.f", "nnfc.f", "nnsc.f", "nntc.f", "nroc.f",
"nsfc.f", "odrv.f", "pjibt.f", "prep.f", "prepj.f", "prepji.f", "prja.f",
"prjs.f", "rchek.f", "roots.f", "slsbt.f", "slss.f", "solbt.f",
"solsy.f", "srcar.f", "srcma.f", "srcms.f", "srcom.f", "sro.f", "stoda.f",
"stode.f", "stodi.f", "vmnorm.f", "vnorm.f", "vode.f", "xerrwv.f", "xsetf.f",
"xsetun.f", "zvode.f"]]
odepack = env.DistutilsStaticExtLibrary('odepack', source = src)
env.AppendUnique(LIBPATH = '.')
quadenv = env.Clone()
quadenv.Prepend(LIBS = ['quadpack', 'linpack_lite', 'mach'])
odenv = env.Clone()
odenv.Prepend(LIBS = ['odepack', 'linpack_lite', 'mach'])
# Build _quadpack
quadenv.NumpyPythonExtension('_quadpack', source = '_quadpackmodule.c')
# Build _odepack
odenv.NumpyPythonExtension('_odepack', source = '_odepackmodule.c')
# Build vode
odenv.NumpyPythonExtension('vode', source = 'vode.pyf')
# Build lsoda
odenv.NumpyPythonExtension('lsoda', source = 'lsoda.pyf')
# Dop extension
dopenv = env.Clone()
dopenv.NumpyPythonExtension('_dop', source='dop.pyf')
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