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Integration and ODEs (:mod:`scipy.integrate`)
.. currentmodule:: scipy.integrate
Integrating functions, given function object
.. autosummary::
:toctree: generated/
quad -- General purpose integration.
dblquad -- General purpose double integration.
tplquad -- General purpose triple integration.
fixed_quad -- Integrate func(x) using Gaussian quadrature of order n.
quadrature -- Integrate with given tolerance using Gaussian quadrature.
romberg -- Integrate func using Romberg integration.
Integrating functions, given fixed samples
.. autosummary::
:toctree: generated/
trapz -- Use trapezoidal rule to compute integral from samples.
cumtrapz -- Use trapezoidal rule to cumulatively compute integral.
simps -- Use Simpson's rule to compute integral from samples.
romb -- Use Romberg Integration to compute integral from
-- (2**k + 1) evenly-spaced samples.
.. seealso::
:mod:`scipy.special` for orthogonal polynomials (special) for Gaussian
quadrature roots and weights for other weighting factors and regions.
Integrators of ODE systems
.. autosummary::
:toctree: generated/
odeint -- General integration of ordinary differential equations.
ode -- Integrate ODE using VODE and ZVODE routines.
complex_ode -- Convert a complex-valued ODE to real-valued and integrate.
from quadrature import *
from odepack import *
from quadpack import *
from _ode import *
__all__ = filter(lambda s:not s.startswith('_'),dir())
from numpy.testing import Tester
test = Tester().test
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