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!%f90 -*- f90 -*-
!Author: Pearu Peterson
!Date: 3 Feb 2002
python module lsoda__user__routines
interface lsoda_user_interface
subroutine f(n,t,y,ydot)
integer intent(hide) :: n
double precision intent(in) :: t
double precision dimension(n),intent(in,c) :: y
double precision dimension(n),intent(out,c) :: ydot
end subroutine f
subroutine jac(n,t,y,ml,mu,jac,nrowpd)
integer intent(hide) :: n
double precision :: t
double precision dimension(n),intent(c,in) :: y
integer intent(hide) :: ml,mu
integer intent(hide):: nrowpd
double precision intent(out) :: jac(nrowpd, n)
end subroutine jac
end interface
end python module lsoda__user__routines
python module lsoda
subroutine lsoda(f,neq,y,t,tout,itol,rtol,atol,itask,istate,iopt,rwork,lrw,iwork,liw,jac,jt)
! y1,t,istate = lsoda(f,jac,y0,t0,t1,rtol,atol,itask,istate,rwork,iwork,mf)
callstatement (*f2py_func)(cb_f_in_lsoda__user__routines,&neq,y,&t,&tout,&itol,rtol,atol,&itask,&istate,&iopt,rwork,&lrw,iwork,&liw,cb_jac_in_lsoda__user__routines,&jt)
use lsoda__user__routines
external f
external jac
integer intent(hide),depend(y) :: neq = len(y)
double precision dimension(neq),intent(in,out,copy) :: y
double precision intent(in,out):: t
double precision intent(in):: tout
integer intent(hide),depend(atol) :: itol = (len(atol)<=1 && len(rtol)<=1?1:(len(rtol)<=1?2:(len(atol)<=1?3:4)))
double precision dimension(*),intent(in),check(len(atol)<&
&=1||len(atol)>=neq),depend(neq) :: atol
double precision dimension(*),intent(in),check(len(rtol)<&
&=1||len(rtol)>=neq),depend(neq) :: rtol
integer intent(in),check(itask>0 && itask<6) :: itask
integer intent(in,out),check(istate>0 && istate<4) :: istate
integer intent(hide) :: iopt = 1
double precision dimension(lrw),intent(in,cache) :: rwork
integer intent(hide),check(len(rwork)>=lrw),depend(rwork) :: lrw=len(rwork)
integer dimension(liw),intent(in,cache) :: iwork
integer intent(hide),check(len(iwork)>=liw),depend(iwork) :: liw=len(iwork)
integer intent(in) :: jt
end subroutine lsoda
end interface
end python module lsoda
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