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import numpy as np
import scipy.stats
from scipy.special import i0
import numpy.testing
cimport numpy as np
cdef extern from "math.h":
double cos(double theta)
double sin(double theta)
cdef double von_mises_cdf_series(double k,double x,unsigned int p):
cdef double s, c, sn, cn, R, V
cdef unsigned int n
s = sin(x)
c = cos(x)
sn = sin(p*x)
cn = cos(p*x)
R = 0
V = 0
for n in range(p-1,0,-1):
sn, cn = sn*c - cn*s, cn*c + sn*s
R = 1./(2*n/k + R)
V = R*(sn/n+V)
return 0.5+x/(2*np.pi) + V/np.pi
def von_mises_cdf_normalapprox(k,x,C1):
b = np.sqrt(2/np.pi)*np.exp(k)/i0(k)
z = b*np.sin(x/2.)
C = 24*k
chi = z - z**3/((C-2*z**2-16)/3.-(z**4+7/4.*z**2+167./2)/(C+C1-z**2+3))**2
return scipy.stats.norm.cdf(z)
cimport cython
def von_mises_cdf(k,x):
cdef np.ndarray[double, ndim=1] temp, temp_xs, temp_ks
cdef unsigned int i, p
cdef double a1, a2, a3, a4, C1, CK
#k,x = np.broadcast_arrays(np.asarray(k),np.asarray(x))
k = np.asarray(k)
x = np.asarray(x)
zerodim = k.ndim==0 and x.ndim==0
k = np.atleast_1d(k)
x = np.atleast_1d(x)
ix = np.round(x/(2*np.pi))
x = x-ix*2*np.pi
# These values should give 12 decimal digits
a1, a2, a3, a4 = [28., 0.5, 100., 5.0]
C1 = 50.1
bx, bk = np.broadcast_arrays(x,k)
result = np.empty(bx.shape,dtype=np.float)
c_small_k = bk<CK
temp = result[c_small_k]
temp_xs = bx[c_small_k].astype(np.float)
temp_ks = bk[c_small_k].astype(np.float)
for i in range(len(temp)):
p = <int>(1+a1+a2*temp_ks[i]-a3/(temp_ks[i]+a4))
temp[i] = von_mises_cdf_series(temp_ks[i],temp_xs[i],p)
if temp[i]<0:
elif temp[i]>1:
result[c_small_k] = temp
result[~c_small_k] = von_mises_cdf_normalapprox(bk[~c_small_k],bx[~c_small_k],C1)
if not zerodim:
return result+ix
return (result+ix)[0]
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