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import numpy as np
from numpy.testing import assert_array_almost_equal, run_module_suite
import scipy.ndimage as ndimage
def test_byte_order_median():
"""Regression test for #413: median_filter does not handle bytes orders."""
a = np.arange(9, dtype='<f4').reshape(3, 3)
ref = ndimage.filters.median_filter(a,(3, 3))
b = np.arange(9, dtype='>f4').reshape(3, 3)
t = ndimage.filters.median_filter(b, (3, 3))
assert_array_almost_equal(ref, t)
def test_zoom_output_shape():
"""Ticket #643"""
x = np.arange(12).reshape((3,4))
ndimage.zoom(x, 2, output=np.zeros((6,8)))
def test_ticket_742():
def SE(img, thresh=.7, size=4):
mask = img > thresh
rank = len(mask.shape)
la, co = ndimage.label(mask,
ndimage.generate_binary_structure(rank, rank))
slices = ndimage.find_objects(la)
if np.dtype(np.intp) != np.dtype('i'):
a = np.random.rand(np.product(shape)).reshape(shape)
# shouldn't crash
if __name__ == "__main__":
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