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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- encoding:utf-8 -*-
git-authors [OPTIONS] REV1..REV2
List the authors who contributed within a given revision interval.
# Author: Pauli Virtanen <>. This script is in the public domain.
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, call
import tempfile
import optparse
import re
import os
import subprocess
u'87': u'Han Genuit',
u'aarchiba': u'Anne Archibald',
u'ArmstrongJ': u'Jeff Armstrong',
u'cgholke': u'Christoph Gohlke',
u'cgohlke': u'Christoph Gohlke',
u'chris.burns': u'Chris Burns',
u'Christolph Gohlke': u'Christoph Gohlke',
u'ckuster': u'Christopher Kuster',
u'Collin Stocks': u'Collin RM Stocks',
u'Derek Homeir': u'Derek Homeier',
u'Derek Homier': u'Derek Homeier',
u'dhuard': u'David Huard',
u'dsimcha': u'David Simcha',
u'edschofield': u'Ed Schofield',
u'Gael varoquaux': u'Gaël Varoquaux',
u'gotgenes': u'Chris Lasher',
u'Han': u'Han Genuit',
u'Jake Vanderplas': u'Jacob Vanderplas',
u'josef': u'Josef Perktold',
u'josef-pktd': u'Josef Perktold',
u'Mark': u'Mark Wiebe',
u'mdroe': u'Michael Droettboom',
u'pierregm': u'Pierre GM',
u'rgommers': u'Ralf Gommers',
u'sebhaase': u'Sebastian Haase',
u'Travis E. Oliphant': u'Travis Oliphant',
u'warren.weckesser': u'Warren Weckesser',
u'weathergod': u'Benjamin Root',
u'Andreas H': u'Andreas Hilboll',
u'honnorat': u'Marc Honnorat',
u'lmwang': u'Liming Wang',
u'wa03': u'Josh Lawrence',
def main():
p = optparse.OptionParser(__doc__.strip())
p.add_option("-d", "--debug", action="store_true",
help="print debug output")
options, args = p.parse_args()
if len(args) != 1:
p.error("invalid number of arguments")
rev1, rev2 = args[0].split('..')
except ValueError:
p.error("argument is not a revision range")
# Analyze log data
all_authors = set()
authors = set()
def analyze_line(line, names, disp=False):
line = line.strip().decode('utf-8')
# Check the commit author name
m = re.match('^@@@([^@]*)@@@', line)
if m:
name =
line = line[m.end():]
name = NAME_MAP.get(name, name)
if disp:
if name not in names:
print " - Author:", name
# Look for "thanks to" messages in the commit log
m ='([Tt]hanks to|[Cc]ourtesy of) ([A-Z][A-Za-z]*? [A-Z][A-Za-z]*? [A-Z][A-Za-z]*|[A-Z][A-Za-z ]*? [A-Z][A-Za-z]*|[a-z0-9]+)($|\.| )', line)
if m:
name =
if name not in ('this',):
if disp:
print " - Log :", line.strip()
name = NAME_MAP.get(name, name)
line = line[m.end():].strip()
line = re.sub(ur'^(and|, and|, ) ', u'Thanks to ', line)
analyze_line(line, names)
# Find all authors before the named range
for line in git.pipe('log', '--pretty=@@@%an@@@%n@@@%cn@@@%n%b',
'%s' % (rev1,)):
analyze_line(line, all_authors)
# Find authors in the named range
for line in git.pipe('log', '--pretty=@@@%an@@@%n@@@%cn@@@%n%b',
'%s..%s' % (rev1, rev2)):
analyze_line(line, authors, disp=options.debug)
# Sort
def name_key(fullname):
m =' [a-z ]*[A-Za-z-]+$', fullname)
if m:
forename = fullname[:m.start()].strip()
surname = fullname[m.start():].strip()
forename = u""
surname = fullname.strip()
if surname.startswith('van der '):
surname = surname[8:]
if surname.startswith('de '):
surname = surname[3:]
if surname.startswith('von '):
surname = surname[4:]
return (surname.lower(), forename.lower())
authors = list(authors)
# Print
print """
This release contains work by the following people (contributed at least
one patch to this release, names in alphabetical order):
for author in authors:
if author in all_authors:
print (u"* %s" % author).encode('utf-8')
print (u"* %s +" % author).encode('utf-8')
print """
A total of %(count)d people contributed to this release.
People with a "+" by their names contributed a patch for the first time.
""" % dict(count=len(authors))
print ("\nNOTE: Check this list manually! It is automatically generated "
"and some names\n may be missing.")
# Communicating with Git
class Cmd(object):
executable = None
def __init__(self, executable):
self.executable = executable
def _call(self, command, args, kw, repository=None, call=False):
cmd = [self.executable, command] + list(args)
cwd = None
if repository is not None:
cwd = os.getcwd()
if call:
return, **kw)
return subprocess.Popen(cmd, **kw)
if cwd is not None:
def __call__(self, command, *a, **kw):
ret = self._call(command, a, {}, call=True, **kw)
if ret != 0:
raise RuntimeError("%s failed" % self.executable)
def pipe(self, command, *a, **kw):
stdin = kw.pop('stdin', None)
p = self._call(command, a, dict(stdin=stdin, stdout=subprocess.PIPE),
call=False, **kw)
return p.stdout
def read(self, command, *a, **kw):
p = self._call(command, a, dict(stdout=subprocess.PIPE),
call=False, **kw)
out, err = p.communicate()
if p.returncode != 0:
raise RuntimeError("%s failed" % self.executable)
return out
def readlines(self, command, *a, **kw):
out =, *a, **kw)
return out.rstrip("\n").split("\n")
def test(self, command, *a, **kw):
ret = self._call(command, a, dict(stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
call=True, **kw)
return (ret == 0)
git = Cmd("git")
if __name__ == "__main__":
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