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Miscellaneous routines (:mod:`scipy.misc`)
.. currentmodule:: scipy.misc
Various utilities that don't have another home.
Note that the Python Imaging Library (PIL) is not a dependency
of SciPy and therefore the `pilutil` module is not available on
systems that don't have PIL installed.
.. autosummary::
:toctree: generated/
bytescale - Byte scales an array (image)
central_diff_weights - Weights for an n-point central m-th derivative
comb - Combinations of N things taken k at a time, "N choose k"
derivative - Find the n-th derivative of a function at a point
factorial - The factorial function, n! = special.gamma(n+1)
factorial2 - Double factorial, (n!)!
factorialk - (...((n!)!)!...)! where there are k '!'
fromimage - Return a copy of a PIL image as a numpy array
imfilter - Simple filtering of an image
imread - Read an image file from a filename
imresize - Resize an image
imrotate - Rotate an image counter-clockwise
imsave - Save an array to an image file
imshow - Simple showing of an image through an external viewer
info - Get help information for a function, class, or module
lena - Get classic image processing example image Lena
logsumexp - Compute the log of the sum of exponentials of input elements
pade - Pade approximation to function as the ratio of two polynomials
toimage - Takes a numpy array and returns a PIL image
who - Print the Numpy arrays in the given dictionary
from __future__ import division, print_function, absolute_import
__all__ = ['who', 'source', 'info', 'doccer']
from . import doccer
from .common import *
from numpy import who, source, info as _info
import sys
def info(object=None,maxwidth=76,output=sys.stdout,toplevel='scipy'):
return _info(object, maxwidth, output, toplevel)
info.__doc__ = _info.__doc__
del sys
from .pilutil import *
from . import pilutil
__all__ += pilutil.__all__
del pilutil
except ImportError:
from . import common
__all__ += common.__all__
del common
from numpy.testing import Tester
test = Tester().test
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