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No-frill version:
* Clone bento::
$ git clone git:// bento
* Bootstrap bento::
$ cd bento && python
* Clone Waf::
$ git clone
$ git checkout waf-1.7.13 # waf breaks API regularly, this version works
* Set the WAFDIR environment variable to the base dir of the waf repo you
just created (in your bash_login for example if you're going to build with
Bento often). This is unfortunately needed, Waf is not installable like a
regular Python package::
# WAFDIR should be such as $WAFDIR/waflib exists
* Build scipy with Bento::
$ BENTO_ROOT/bentomaker build -j 4 # 4 threads in parallel
# or with progress bar
$ BENTO_ROOT/bentomaker build -p
# or with verbose output
$ BENTO_ROOT/bentomaker build -v
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