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from __future__ import division, print_function, absolute_import
_have_pil = True
from scipy.misc.pilutil import imread as _imread
except ImportError:
_have_pil = False
__all__ = ['imread']
# Use the implementation of `imread` in `scipy.misc.pilutil.imread`.
# If it weren't for the different names of the first arguments of
# and misc.pilutil.imread, we could simplify this file
# by writing
# from scipy.misc.pilutil import imread
# Unfortunately, because the argument names are different, that
# introduces a backwards incompatibility.
def imread(fname, flatten=False, mode=None):
if _have_pil:
return _imread(fname, flatten, mode)
raise ImportError("Could not import the Python Imaging Library (PIL)"
" required to load image files. Please refer to"
" for installation instructions.")
if _have_pil and _imread.__doc__ is not None:
imread.__doc__ = _imread.__doc__.replace('name : str', 'fname : str')