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# Author: Travis Oliphant 2002-2011 with contributions from
# SciPy Developers 2004-2011
# NOTE: To look at history using `git blame`, use `git blame -M -C -C`
# instead of `git blame -Lxxx,+x`.
from __future__ import division, print_function, absolute_import
from ._distn_infrastructure import (entropy, rv_discrete, rv_continuous,
from . import _continuous_distns
from . import _discrete_distns
from ._continuous_distns import *
from ._discrete_distns import *
# For backwards compatibility e.g. pymc expects distributions.__all__.
__all__ = ['entropy', 'rv_discrete', 'rv_continuous']
# Add only the distribution names, not the *_gen names.
__all__ += _continuous_distns._distn_names
__all__ += _discrete_distns._distn_names
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