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Changes needed to convert scipy to work with the new scipy core.
done * scipy_distutils and scipy_base to scipy.disutils and scipy.base
done * Numeric/arrayobject.h to scipy/arrayobject.h
done * Numeric/ufuncobject.h to scipy/ufuncobject.h
* scipy_test to scipy.test
* Look for use of descr->zero and descr->ones --- need to be replaced
* Change use of default_config_dict to Configuration
Changes that should be made someday:
* io rewritten to use internal writing capabilities of arrays
* distributions heavy use of extract and insert (could use fancy indexing -- but we should wait until we learn how slow fancy indexing is....)
* Use of old Numeric C-API. Using it means an extra C-level function cal think that's a problem, but...
* Make use of type addition to extend certain ufuncs with cephes quad types.
* Use finfo(foo).bar instead of limits.foo_bar
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