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# Authors: Travis Oliphant, Matthew Brett
Module for reading and writing matlab (TM) .mat files
import os
import sys
import warnings
from miobase import get_matfile_version, filldoc
from mio4 import MatFile4Reader, MatFile4Writer
from mio5 import MatFile5Reader, MatFile5Writer
__all__ = ['find_mat_file', 'mat_reader_factory', 'loadmat', 'savemat']
def find_mat_file(file_name, appendmat=True):
''' Try to find .mat file on system path
file_name : string
file name for mat file
warnings.warn('Searching for mat files on python system path will be ' +
'removed in future versions of scipy',
FutureWarning, stacklevel=2)
if appendmat and file_name[-4:] == ".mat":
file_name = file_name[:-4]
if os.sep in file_name:
full_name = file_name
if appendmat:
full_name = file_name + ".mat"
full_name = None
junk, file_name = os.path.split(file_name)
for path in [os.curdir] + list(sys.path):
test_name = os.path.join(path, file_name)
if appendmat:
test_name += ".mat"
fid = open(test_name,'rb')
full_name = test_name
except IOError:
return full_name
def mat_reader_factory(file_name, appendmat=True, **kwargs):
"""Create reader for matlab .mat format files
if isinstance(file_name, basestring):
byte_stream = open(file_name, 'rb')
except IOError:
full_name = find_mat_file(file_name, appendmat)
if full_name is None:
raise IOError, "%s not found on the path." % file_name
byte_stream = open(full_name, 'rb')
except AttributeError:
raise IOError, 'Reader needs file name or open file-like object'
byte_stream = file_name
# Deal with deprecations
if kwargs.has_key('basename'):
'basename argument will be removed in future scipy versions',
DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
del kwargs['basename']
mjv, mnv = get_matfile_version(byte_stream)
if mjv == 0:
return MatFile4Reader(byte_stream, **kwargs)
elif mjv == 1:
return MatFile5Reader(byte_stream, **kwargs)
elif mjv == 2:
raise NotImplementedError('Please use HDF reader for matlab v7.3 files')
raise TypeError('Did not recognize version %s' % mv)
def loadmat(file_name, mdict=None, appendmat=True, **kwargs):
''' Load Matlab(tm) file
m_dict : dict, optional
dictionary in which to insert matfile variables
v4 (Level 1.0), v6 and v7 to 7.2 matfiles are supported.
You will need an HDF5 python library to read matlab 7.3 format mat
files. Because scipy does not supply one, we do not implement the
HDF5 / 7.3 interface here.
MR = mat_reader_factory(file_name, appendmat, **kwargs)
matfile_dict = MR.get_variables()
if mdict is not None:
mdict = matfile_dict
return mdict
def savemat(file_name, mdict, appendmat=True, format='5'):
"""Save a dictionary of names and arrays into the MATLAB-style .mat file.
This saves the arrayobjects in the given dictionary to a matlab
style .mat file.
file_name : {string, file-like object}
Name of the mat file (do not need .mat extension if
appendmat==True) Can also pass open file-like object
m_dict : dict
dictionary from which to save matfile variables
format : {'5', '4'} string, optional
'5' for matlab 5 (up to matlab 7.2)
'4' for matlab 4 mat files,
file_is_string = isinstance(file_name, basestring)
if file_is_string:
if appendmat and file_name[-4:] != ".mat":
file_name = file_name + ".mat"
file_stream = open(file_name, 'wb')
except AttributeError:
raise IOError, 'Writer needs file name or writeable '\
'file-like object'
file_stream = file_name
if format == '4':
MW = MatFile4Writer(file_stream)
elif format == '5':
MW = MatFile5Writer(file_stream, unicode_strings=True)
raise ValueError, 'Format should be 4 or 5'
if file_is_string:
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