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#! /bin/sh
# script to build tarballs, mac os x and windows installers on mac os x
# Check we're using the correct g++/c++ for the 64-bit 2.7 dmg.
# We do this because for Python 2.6 we use a symlink on the PATH to select
# /usr/bin/g++-4.0, while for Python 2.7 we need the default 4.2 version.
export PATH=~/Code/tmp/gpp40temp/:$PATH
gpp="$(g++ --version | grep "4.0")"
if [ -z "$gpp" ]; then
echo "Wrong g++ version, we need 4.0 to compile scipy with Python 2.6"
exit 1
# bootstrap needed to ensure we build the docs from the right scipy version
paver bootstrap
source bootstrap/bin/activate
python install
# we need to copy Sphinx extensions from the numpy source tree
mkdir doc/sphinxext
cp -R ../numpy/doc/sphinxext/ doc/sphinxext/
# build docs
paver pdf
# Build tarballs, Windows and 64-bit OS X installers (on OS X 10.6)
paver sdist
export PATH=~/Code/tmp/gpp42temp/:$PATH
gpp="$(g++ --version | grep "4.2")"
if [ -z "$gpp" ]; then
echo "Wrong g++ version, we need 4.2 for 64-bit binary for Python 2.7"
exit 1
paver dmg -p 2.7 # 32/64-bit version
paver bdist_superpack -p 2.7
paver bdist_superpack -p 2.6
paver bdist_superpack -p 2.5
paver bdist_superpack -p 3.1
# Build 32-bit OS X installers (on OS X 10.5)
#paver dmg -p 2.6
#paver dmg -p 2.7 # 32-bit version
#export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.0 # necessary on 10.6, not sure about 10.5
#paver dmg -p 2.5
paver write_release_and_log