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DOC: explain how to get optimize.brute to respect its range.

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@@ -1710,6 +1710,11 @@ def brute(func, ranges, args=(), Ns=20, full_output=0, finish=fmin):
Default number of samples, if those are not provided.
full_output : bool
If True, return the evaluation grid.
+ finish : callable, optional
+ An optimization function that is called with the result of brute force
+ minimization as initial guess. `finish` should take the initial guess
+ as positional argument, and take take `args`, `full_output` and `disp`
+ as keyword arguments. See Notes for more details.
@@ -1725,8 +1730,10 @@ def brute(func, ranges, args=(), Ns=20, full_output=0, finish=fmin):
- Find the minimum of a function evaluated on a grid given by
- the tuple ranges.
+ The range is respected by the brute force minimization, but if the `finish`
+ keyword specifies another optimization function (including the default
+ `fmin`), the returned value may still be (just) outside the range. In
+ order to ensure the range is specified, use ``finish=None``.
N = len(ranges)

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