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@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
.. -*- rest -*-
.. NB! Keep this document a valid restructured document.
Developing SciPy
@@ -50,9 +51,8 @@ Currently SciPy consists of the following files and directories:
Contains SciPy and the directories of SciPy modules.
-SciPy module
+SciPy modules
In the following, a *SciPy module* is defined as a Python package, say
xxx, that is located in the Lib/ directory. All SciPy modules should
@@ -196,46 +196,6 @@ etc that are used to generated sources and should not be installed)
should be specified in ``depends`` list of the ``Extension``
-SourceGenerator [deprecated]
-Often building a module envolves a step where sources are generated by
-whatever means. However, such a step should be carried out only when
-building modules and should be skipped when creating a distribution, for
-instance. To facilitate this, ``numpy.distutils.misc_util`` provides a
-class ``SourceGenerator(func,target,sources=[],*args)`` that can be used
-to hold the process of source generation. Here ``func`` is a function
-``func(target,sources,*args)`` that is called whenever ``target`` should
-be generated. ``target`` is a name of source file that ``func`` must
-create. ``sources`` is a list of files that ``target`` depends on and
-``target`` will be regenerated whenever these dependencies are changed.
-``args`` can be used to pass on extra arguments to ``func``. The
-instance of ``SourceGenerator`` can be used in the ``sources`` list
-argument of an Extension class constructor. See ``Lib/xxx/``
-for a typical example of ``SourceGenerator`` usage.
-If ``func`` is ``None`` then the ``target`` must exist and whenever
-``sources`` are modified, the ``target`` file is touched. This feature
-is useful when including non-standard dependencies for Extension
-instances---just put them in the ``sources`` list.
-SourceFilter [deprecated]
-On different platforms different sources may be required to build a
-module. When making such a difference in ``configuration()`` function
-by defining different sources for an Extension instance, then there
-might occur portability issues (e.g. missing files) when a source
-tar-ball was created on a different platform than the users platform.
-To overcome this difficulty, ``numpy.distutils.misc_util`` provides
-``SourceFilter(func,sources,*args)`` class that can be used to define
-a holder of all sources. Function ``func(sources,*args)`` should
-return a list of sources that is relevant for building the module on
-the particular platfrom. ``SourceFilter`` instance can be used in the
-list of ``sources`` argument of the Extension class.
File xxx/
@@ -369,6 +329,7 @@ when ``optparse`` is installed).
Open issues and discussion
@@ -424,8 +385,4 @@ requirements that documentation tools should satsify:
concept (e.g. tutorial, users guide, manual) based docs.
-[Discuss limitations. Need a building step to determine
-certain system parameters.]

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