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-Many people have contributed to these codes
+SciPy is an open source library developed by Enthought, Inc. Many people have
+contributed to SciPy, both in code development, suggestions, and financial
+support. Below is a partial list. If you've been left of, please let me know,
+and we'll add your name.
-In particular thank you to
+Code Contributions:
+The main developers on SciPy are Travis Oliphant, Pearu Peterson, and Eric
+Jones. Travis and Eric each contributed about half the orginal code. Pearu
+developed f2py which is the integral to wrapping the many Fortran libraries
+used in SciPy. All three continually work algorithm development and
+improvements to the feature set, build process, and robustness of SciPy.
-Eric Jones for cow, compiler, cluster, gui_thread, gplt, ga, plt, linalg, and the
-testing interface as well as designing the build process.
-Travis Oliphant for fft, integrate, interpolate (with Pearu Peterson), io, linalg, optimize, signal, sparse, special, xplt, many basic functions, and assisting with the build process
+Prabhu Ramachandran -- improvements to gui_thread.
+Jochen Kupper -- the zoom feature in plt.
+Jeff Whitaker -- Mac OS X support.
+Travis Vaught -- initial work on stats module clean up.
-Travis Vaught
-Prabhu ?
+Website Development:
+Travis Vaught, Tiffany Kamm, and Eric Jones for building th community web-site.
+Travis Vaught for maintaining the web-site.
-Agilent has given a genereous donation for support of SciPy.
+Enthought for providing resources and finances to development SciPy.
Brigham Young University has provided resources for students to work on SciPy.
-Enthought for providing resources and financing for the development of SciPy.
+Agilent has given a genereous donation for support of SciPy.

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