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Scipy builds now with Absoft Fortran compiler (on Linux, probably als…

…o on Darwin, not sure about win32)
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46 INSTALL.txt
@@ -101,12 +101,19 @@ Daily snapshots of SciPy CVS repository is available at
-From a tar ball
-Unpack SciPy-<version>.tar.gz, change to SciPy-<version> directory,
-and run
+Make sure that all SciPy prerequisites are installed and working
+properly before continuing SciPy installation.
- python install
+From tarballs
+Unpack SciPy_core-<version>.tar.gz, change to SciPy_core-<version>
+directory, and run
+ python install
+Repeat the same procedure for SciPy-<version>.tar.gz but running
+ python install
This can take several minutes to hours depending on the speed of your
@@ -124,6 +131,24 @@ Or use the following install command:
python build build_flib --fcompiler=<Vendor> install
+IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that all libraries that scipy uses
+(e.g. blas and atlas libraries) are built with the same Fortran
+Using non-Gnu Fortran compiler with gcc/g77 compiled Atlas/Lapack libraries
+When Atlas/Lapack libraries are compiled with Gnu compilers but
+one wishes to build scipy with some non-gnu Fortran compiler then
+linking extension modules may require -lg2c. You can specify it
+in installation command line as follows:
+ python build build_ext -lg2c install
+If using non-Gnu C compiler or linker, the location of g2c library can
+be specified in a similar manner using -L/path/to/libg2c.a after
+build_ext command.
Intel Fortran Compiler
@@ -207,18 +232,21 @@ Fix:
1) Remove scipy/linalg/clapack.pyf
2) Rebuild/reinstall scipy.
-Using Intel Fortran Compiler
+Using non-Gnu Fortran Compiler
If import scipy shows a message
ImportError: undefined symbol: s_wsfe
-and you are using Intel Fortran compiler, then it means that any of
+and you are using non-Gnu Fortran compiler, then it means that any of
the (may be system provided) Fortran libraries such as LAPACK or BLAS
were compiled with g77. See also compilers notes above.
-Fix: Recompile all Fortran libraries with the Intel compiler and
-rebuild/reinstall scipy.
+Recommended fix: Recompile all Fortran libraries with the same Fortran
+compiler and rebuild/reinstall scipy.
+Another fix: See `Using non-gnu Fortran compiler with gcc/g77 compiled
+Atlas/Lapack libraries` section above.
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